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Foam Mattress Price

Best Foam Mattress Price list 2020 Do you intend to replace your old mattress because it’s no longer comfortable to sleep on? Choosing a good mattress for you is not something that could be underestimated. There are many types of mattress that you can choose according to your needs and your finances.   Foam mattresses, […]

What You Need To Know About Social Jet Lag

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, the body is used to sleeping late at night and waking up in the afternoon. As a result, this holiday habit will affect your body circadian rhythm. If this is a habit that you do during a long vacation, then you can be sure that you will experience […]

Essential Oil As Your Sleep Aid

Anyone who smells the freshly baked cake from the oven knows that aroma has a strong influence on us. When we smell something, our olfactory nerve sends a signal directory to our limbic and amygdala systems. Amygdala is a part of our brain that is responsible for our memories and moods. Aromatherapy through essential oil […]

Sleep is A Natural Pain Killer

We agree that having enough sleep can provide many benefits for someone. Study shows that sleep can affect your health, mood, weight, and even your sex life. In addition to that, researchers have found that adequate sleep can be a medicine for your pain or natural pain killer. Doctors often advise people who are physically […]

Benefits of Sleep Naked for Your Sexual Health

Did you know that 30% of adults through research prefer to sleep without clothes at night? They say that naked while sleeping makes them feel free and makes them sleep better. According to various scientific studies, the health benefits of sleeping naked are numerous. Sleeping naked can increase the balance of hormones in the body […]

Natural Fibers Are More Comfortable For Sleeping

One of the obstacles for people who try to sleep at night is maintaining their body temperature. The room and mattress that produce heat can make us sweat and wake up at night. However, if we already have the best latex mattress from Mimpi and already adjusts the room temperature to keep it cool throughout […]

Improve Your Sleep Quality with Valerian Root

Valerian root is a herb that has been used for centuries to treat problems such as insomnia, anxiety, and headaches. Historically, valerian roots were often used in England during World War II to relieve stress and anxiety at that time. Nowadays, valerian root is one of the most popular herbal sleep aids in Europe and […]

Strength of Chamomile Tea as a Soothing Drink

It is no secret that chamomile tea is a natural remedy to overcome inflammatory problems, reduce anxiety, and treat insomnia. In fact, chamomile is generally considered as a mild sedative for sleep. The sedative effect is derived from an antioxidant called apigenin, which is found in the chamomile tea. Apigenin binds to specific receptors in […]

Practice the Journal to Reduce Anxiety

Some people have very active brain performance so they often have difficulty to fall asleep at night. This difficulty in sleeping is due to their thoughts constantly spinning when they want to sleep. Based on the research that has been done, this can cause stress and anxiety which then produces negative emotions. Through research conducted […]

Sleep Deprivation Often Causes Physical Injuries

People of all ages have a high chance of getting a physical injury when they don’t have enough sleep. This has been concluded by researchers and epidemiologists. Those who have a lack of sleep have a higher risk of physical injury when carrying out their daily activities. For example, have you ever heard any story […]