Apa Posisi Tidur Favorit Anda?

What type of sleeper are you?

November 15, 2021

Everyone is different when it comes to sleep – it’s a very personal moment of our day which differs from one to another. Some people sleep fast but some have difficulty having a deep sleep. Some people sleep at 8 pm and some at 1 am.

The sleep’s position is also unique. Each position has its benefits, downfalls, and impact on your health so it’s time for you to find out what type of sleeper you are.

Here are three main types of sleeping positions:

Back sleeper

This position won’t make your body tense because this is the best position compared to the others. The reason is your body is fully supported by your mattress at all times throughout the night as long as you use the right pillow. Sleeping on your back prevents major aches and pains. However, it can increase your chances of experiencing sleep apnea and might make snoring worse.

Side sleeper

It is estimated that about 70 % of the population of the world sleeps this way. This position will help your blood to flow better and also good for brain health and digestion. Other benefits are reduced the chance of insomnia and sleep apnea. The con of side sleeping is a greater strain on pressure points such as the neck, arm, and lower back.

Stomach sleeper

Sleep and health experts all agree that this position should be avoided since it arches your spine. Also, because your head is turned to the left or the right (because you need to breathe!), it applies pressure on the neck bones. Also, the compression on your stomach can push acid into your throat and will increase acid reflux. However, the position is not all bad – it can help with snoring and sleep apnea.

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So, what type of sleeper are you, Mimpi’s friend?


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