Bagaimana Cara Merawat Kasur Anda?

How to take care of your mattress?

June 20, 2020

The quality of sleep depends a lot on your mattress — mainly its quality and how well you take care of it. Once you have bought the right mattress, you surely want to know how to properly maintain it, right?

Here are five easy ways you can do to make your mattress last longer:

  1. Flip and rotate your mattress

If your mattress allows for it. If your mattress has a “No Flipping Needed” tag, skip this step. Otherwise, flipping and rotating your mattress will be extremely useful as it can increase its lifespan.

Flipping your mattress means changing the top to the bottom side. Rotating involves a 180 degrees turn which means your pillow will now be on the other end of the bed.

  1. Don’t monkey around

Yes, do not jump on your mattress. While jumping on a bouncy object is really fun, it will damage the internal springs and structure of the mattress.

  1. Do not fold your mattress

Doing so will alter the mattress’s original support structure and will cause irreparable damage.

  1. Spread the love

When it comes to sitting on the edge of your bed to get dressed or tie your shoes, sitting in the same spot every time can cause your mattress to lose its structure prematurely.

  1. Keep it clean and dry.

You might not think of taking a vacuum to your mattress, but you should. Regularly giving it a clean sweep helps to keep dust from becoming ground into the mattress. You might dab at stains with warm soapy water and let it dry completely.

Did you know that Mimpi mattresses use woven zip cover that can be removed and washed? So it makes you easier to keep the mattress clean! This cover is made from premium Belgian knitting which is soft and stretchable.

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