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Here's How To Clean A Foam Mattress Easily

August 23, 2020
Foam mattresses are one of the most popular types of mattresses because they're affordable and light. They also support your body's posture, which makes them comfortable to use. They're perfect for people with bone disease or muscle pain. But what about cleaning them? Although foam mattresses are great, they are vulnerable to water and mould growth. Poorly cleaned foam mattresses can become damaged and uncomfortable to use. The wrong process could have a negative impact on your mattress. Here is how to clean a foam mattress that you can follow:

Tips and How to Clean Foam Mattresses

1. Cover your mattress with a bed sheet or bed cover With a bed sheet or mattress cover, dirt and dust will not stick to the surface of your foam mattress. This affords you the opportunity to clean the dirt on the bed sheet or mattress cover instead of dirtying your new foam mattress. Don't forget to wash and change your bedding. If you have a toddler who still wets the bed, add bedding under the sheet or cover. The best way to protect yourself and your bed is with a water-proof pad like Baby Bed Pad. 2. Make sure the foam mattress is dry Foam mattresses may seem like they are resistant to water, but they are not. The environment of the room is moist or the water spilt by others can cause mould to grow in the mattress. Besides reducing comfort, this may also shorten the life span of the mattress. When your foam mattress gets wet, wipe off as much as possible with a dry cloth. Then dry the mattress as soon as you can! Don't dry it in the sun because it can deflate too quickly and damage the pores of the mattress. Always dry it out of direct sunlight. 3. Clean the stains on the foam mattress Clean your mattress by hand or with a dry cloth. Avoid using cleaning liquids or cleaners that contain bleach. Some detergents can be used but consult the product information first. Why? A wet mattress is fragile and can absorb liquid quickly. If you don't clean it correctly, it may cause damage to the inside of your expensive foam mattress. If there are stains on your foam mattress, try these steps. Make a mixture of water and cleaning fluid. Dip the end of the toothbrush in the solution. Brush the stains gently on the surface of the mattress. Be careful to not get it overly wet or brush too aggressive. There are many other cleaning methods you can try, but these are proven to work best. 4. Eliminate odours on foam mattresses You can take the odour out of your mattress by using camphor or baking soda. Camphor is a good option for people who don't want to make the room smell like the kitchen. Baking soda, on the other hand, can also be used. The best way to use it is to sprinkle it onto the surface, leave it overnight, and vacuum it off in the morning. In addition to the four ways to clean a foam mattress, you should invest in a good quality mattress. After all, everyone spends six hours a day on their beds doing activities such as sleeping, relaxing with their partner, reading a novel, and more. A foam mattress will last much longer and be more comfortable if it is cared for properly from the start. Mimpi mattresses are made of latex foam that are of the highest quality. All our mattresses are ergonomic, anti-mite, dust, and bacteria-free. Get your Mimpi mattress now to support your sleep needs!


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