Manfaat Kamar Dingin, Membantu Metabolisme Tubuh!

Cold Room Temperature is Good for Metabolism

March 24, 2018

When we sleep, our body temperature will decrease slowly and will be at its lowest temperature at 5 AM in the morning. In order to have good night sleep, Dr. Christopher Winter recommends lowering your room temperature around 19.4 to 23.89 Celcius degree. If your room temperature is lower than that, it will affect your hormones and cause them to not work properly because of too cold. While on the other hand, the high temperature will make you uncomfortable because of the heat. Cold room temperature can affect your body metabolism to work better and make you sleep faster.

Reducing Risk of Diabetes

When your metabolism works better, one of the risks that you can avoid is diabetes. Diabetes occurs because of absence or insufficient production of insulin, or an inability of the body to properly use insulin. Recommended sleep temperature between 19.4 -23.89 Celsius degree, will help your metabolism system, so it can produce enough insulin and absorb food extracts and sugar in your blood and reduce the risk of having diabetes.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

The cold temperature of your bedroom will activate melatonin when you sleep. Melatonin will help to activate and stimulate other hormones, such as serotonin to sleep better. Melatonin also can help to repair skin tissue that may be damaged by sun exposure during the day. Recovery of skin tissue will certainly have an impact on your skin rejuvenation for you to look younger.

Prevent Acne

When your room temperature is too high, your body will sweat because of the heat. Sweating during sleep is one of the causes of acne on the body, especially acne on your back. If you want to be free from the risk of acne, do not sleep in a hot room that causes you to sweat while sleeping.

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