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Sleep Position: How It Affects Health

April 30, 2019

Not only does health problem is affected by the quality condition of the mattress, some physical pain that often occurs as we wake up can also be caused by a sleeping position that does not support health. Here are the meanings of various sleeping positions, according to the article on the Sleep website.


On your back

This position is the best sleeping position, and only 8% of people do it. Sleeping on your back allows the head, neck, and spine to rest in a neutral position so there is no pressure on these areas.

Be sure to use a pillow that lifts and also supports the head. However, sleeping in this position can cause the tongue to block the breathing tube, therefore can be a dangerous position especially for people with sleep apnea (a condition that causes periods of shortness of breath). This position can also make snoring worse.


On your side

With the body and legs relatively straight, this position helps reduce acid reflux. And because the spinal position is elongated, it won’t cause back pain or neck pain. Besides that, sleeping on your side keeps the airways open so they tend to stop snoring. As many as 15% of adults choose to sleep on their side.

One disadvantage is that it causes wrinkles because half of our face is pushed into the pillow.


Fetal position

The most popular sleeping position, 41% of adults choose to sleep in the fetus position. The position, sleeping sideways with our arms and legs bent, is the best sleeping position for a pregnant woman (facing left). And especially for pregnant women, this position increases circulation in the body and fetus and also prevents the uterus from pressing into the liver (which is located on the right side). This position is also the right choice for snorers.

Its weakness, especially if we curl too strongly, can limit diaphragmatic breathing. This will certainly be worse in the morning, especially for patients with arthritis in the joints or back. Therefore, it is important to balance it by straightening the body as much as we can. In addition, make this position more comfortable for the hips by placing a pillow underneath.


On your stomach

Although it is good to reduce snoring, this position is the worst in other aspects. The weakness of this sleeping position is that it can cause back pain and neck pain because it’s difficult to keep the spine in a neutral position. It also suppresses muscles and joints and will end up with numbness, tingling, pain, or even nerve irritation.

Although, if you must sleep on your stomach, try lying face down to keep the upper airway open – instead of facing your head to one side – with your forehead resting on a pillow to allow breathing space.


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