Tips Merawat Kasur Berbahan Lateks yang Tepat

Right Tips for Taking Care Your Latex Mattress

October 06, 2018

Sleeping on a clean and comfortable mattress can improve the quality of health and contribute to
the vitality and productivity of our daily activities. Knowing how to clean a mattress can help you
sleep well at night. If you have the perfect mattress made with latex to sleep like the one that Mimpi
offers, here are some tips that you should not miss.

When you clean a pure latex mattress, you only need to use a soft, damp cloth to clean the mattress
from stains. Avoid rough cleaning tools, such as brush because they can damage the texture of the

mattress. If the mattress is made of spring bed, people might clean it by put it under the sun, avoid
the same thing with a pure latex-based mattress. Direct sunlight can damage the components in the

Mimpi offers a perfect mattress made from pure latex which also has a removable cover for
cleaning. We recommend that when you decide to buy a latex mattress, look for one that does have
a removable cover because this will be very helpful when you try to clean them. The removable
cover helps you clean the mattress and the cover part separately, so the results will be cleaner. The
removable cover also helps to protect the surface of your latex mattress so that it doesn't get dirty
quickly when used.

Mattresses with latex material have a hollow surface for air circulation and make the mattress cool.
Providing space for under the mattress is a wise act to have air circulated. Therefore, avoid
bed frames that cover the entire bottom surface of the mattress.

These tips to maintain your latex mattress are very easy to implement, right? If it turns out you don't
have this amazing latex mattress to sleep, don’t worry; you can order a pure latex-based mattress
from Mimpi. Mimpi provides the best mattresses made from a combination of pure latex, memory
foam, high resilience foam, and foam support that helps you sleep better. In addition, Mimpi also
offers 100 days free trial period with full money back as a guarantee.



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