Choose the Right Mattress for Better Sleep Quality

HARIANRIAU.CO – A quality mattress has to have the benefits of health, comfort, support, temperature and durability. In fact, good sleep quality is not only affected by how long we sleep, but also by the type of mattress used.


“Every person spends more than 33 percent of their lifetime in bed to stay refreshed. Because better sleep makes a better life,” said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mimpi Mattress, Frank De Witte during the launch of Mimpi mattress in the Cikini area, Central Jakarta, Thursday 8 February 2018.


“The materials we choose for our mattresses have pressure-relieving foam and memory foam that follows the body’s shape so that it can support the posture perfectly,” Frank continued.


Mattresses that have high resilience foam texture allows all body movements to stop when sleeping so it also makes a good function to have in a mattress. There is also a firm-support base foam that is able to provide an ideal level of hardness on the mattress.


“With the texture and coating, the mattress will support your body contour and ensure relief at pressure points and make a better quality of sleep,” he said.

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