Mimpi Original

Four premium layers specifically selected to provide the perfect feel to all body parts.
 Our unique 4-layer mattress combines the best materials in the market – natural latex, high density memory foam, high-resilience foam and support foam – for unparalleled comfort and support.

Mimpi Original is  our most popular model and the total height of the mattress is 25 cm. It is not too firm, not too soft and offers the perfect level of firmness according to the Indonesian preference, with just the right level of sink and bounce.


Height = 25 cm

Durable and luxurious zip-cover stands up to years of use.

4 layers, including natural latex, high density memory foam, high resilience foam and pressure relieving support foam.

Mattress Materials And Manufacturing

Removable cover made from premium Belgian knitting. This zip-off knit is stretchable and easy to clean.

Open-cell top layer sleeps cool and provides bounce: gives you the perfect comfort.

Premium Memory Foam molds to your body: gives you the perfect support.

Premium High Resilience Foam distributes pressure and weight across the entire mattress so it blocks transfer of motion from one sleeper to another.

Strong base layer strengthens the top layers and adds long-lasting durability.

We make better products to help people sleep better

Tested by professional football team from Belgian premier league

Mimpi approached Belgian football team AA Gent to test their mattress Mimpi Original. (https://www.kaagent.be/en)

AA Gent agreed and asked the players to sleep on a Mimpi mattress for a few weeks.

The result? The players loved Mimpi so much that the team ordered 40 mattresses for the bedrooms in their new training facility.