MIMPI Mattress Reviews

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Every mattress review on this page is submitted by a real Mimpi customer. For the sake of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence these reviews. Here you can compare how people of different ages, sleeping positions, and weights rate the mattress on support, sinkage, firmness, and comfort. All reviews are based on our multi-layer design.

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  • Perfect sleep

    I sleep better. This mattress has perfect material to support ur body.
    I have back pain most of the time. I ordered this since 2 months ago. i can tell i sleep so much better my body feels more fresh

  • Wonderful feeling with MIMIPI

    I had sleeping issued for at least a month and a half, so i thought u should buy a new mattress.
    And just so right! My sleep is back to normal!

  • Amazing and good quality

    I wasn’t expecting the quality to be so good! But after my mattress was home, i change my mind! Feel like my sleep is getting so much better! Thx,