4 Posisi Tidur Ini Bisa Ungkap Kepribadian Anda!

What Your Sleep Position Tells about You

November 12, 2021

We spend a third of our lives sleeping so our bodies can rest and recharge. In the 7-8 hours we sleep, our body position changes but everyone surely has that one favorite sleep position. Ever wondered how your favorite sleep position reveals your personality?
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When you find yourself often sleep curling your knees towards your chest, it may mean that you’re a sensitive and shy person. The position can indicate a desire to protect oneself. According to various surveys, this is the most common sleep position.

Batang kayu


It involves lying on your side with your arms straight on your sides. This sleeping position means you’re a bit of a social butterfly: friendly, carefree, and popular. According to a survey by Better Sleep Council, log sleepers are more likely to consider themselves to be healthy.


Bintang Laut


When you sleep on your back with both of your arms on your sides, it may a sign that you’re a quiet and reserved person. Moreover, people who sleep in this position tend to hold high standards for themselves and others.

Bintang Laut


The position that looks just the way it sounds, starfish sleepers lying with their legs outstretched and their hands up over their heads. People who sleep like this may have open personalities, specifically carefree and easy-going.

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