Episode 1

We Learn From You

When we were developing Mimpi, we spoke to everybody we knew to understand what makes the perfect mattress. We spoke to each other, our friends, our family, manufacturers, engineers, doctors and even scientists. By doing so, we came to understand what everybody needs in a mattress and we made it our goal to create it for them.

Episode 2

Problem Solving

After we knew what we wanted to build, we had to figure out how to do build it. The first thing we did was extensive research and development on the base materials in order to figure out the perfect combination. We studied everything we could to discover materials that were extremely comfortable so that we could offer customers affordable luxury.

Episode 3

A New Way Of Sleeping

We were 100% committed to creating mattresses that offer the best sleep imaginable, so we continued the testing process until we found it.

Since we are so confident in the rigorous testing we went through, we offer our clients a 100-Nights Free Trial so that they can be sure they are receiving a mattress that will give them at least 10 years of incredible sleep.

Episode 4

Recommended By Doctors

The quality of our days are defined by the quality of our sleep. Good sleep not only leaves you energized for the day, but studies show it can reduce heart disease and other illnesses.

Our Mimpi Mattresses are built to offer a better sleep and a longer life. They improve blood circulation, are anti-bacterial, dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic, mold resistant, naturally breathable, pain relieving and great for your back!

Because of all the above and more, Mimpi is highly rated in the medical world as a top mattress for sleep and health.

Episode 5

Our Goals

By combining a good sleep and all the health benefits in a Mimpi, you will see an improvement in your mood, energy and physical performance.

By receiving a solid night of rest every day, your mind will be rejuvenated and you will be able to think more clearly upon waking up each morning.

Episode 6


We are always looking for feedback from our customers, as studying sleeper information was how Mimpi became the successful mattress company it is today. We encourage buyers to leave online feedback so that we can continue on our journey to provide the best sleep possible.