Our products are made in Belgium and designed with care for the people in Indonesia.
Dibuat di Belgia
Made in Belgium
Khusus dibuat untuk semua orang di Indonesia
Specially made for everyone in Indonesia
Kepadatan kasur mimpi

The overall quality of a mattress is based on the density of the raw materials used. Dense materials stand for high quality. By using only high-density materials sourced from Europe, the quality of every Mimpi product is top class.

Mimpi stands for health, luxury, comfort and durability.

Pabrik kasur mimpi


Over the years we learned that the most important elements of a mattress are health, comfort, support, temperature and durability.

We aim to provide a firm yet luxurious feel with excellent support in all our mattresses. To reach this goal, we combined the five star standards of the hospitality industry with your daily needs. This resulted into the incredible mattresses that Mimpi are today.

As we use natural latex as our main component, we can offer the perfect bounce and breathability to keep you cool at night.

Perkembangan kasur mimpi
Tidak menggunakan pegas berulir

Why no spring coil?

Metal Fatigue

Metal fatigue is the weakening of metal due to usage and pressure, resulting in a loss of strength and bending coils.

Loss of Support 

Spring coils begin to sag after just one year, some even after a few months, causing the mattress to lose shape.

Poor Back Support

Spring coils do not offer proper back support or address spinal alignment. This can cause sleepers back pain and other posture issues.

Painful Sleep

Since spring coils do not evenly distribute body weight, you may wake up in pain from your sleep.


The empty space between the coils can be a breeding ground for dust mites and other bacteria.

Hygiene Function

Our technology comes with a hygiene function that protects you.

Higienis Sesuai standar kesehatan
Kasur mimpi sangat nyaman


It’s Time to Dream

Mimpi combines premium materials in one luxury mattress, giving you the best sleep imaginable. Comfort is our passion, so we developed a mattress that’s as close as possible to sleeping on a cloud. It’s time to recharge your body and mind with a good night’s sleep.

Kasur dengan daya topang yang kuat


Molds to Your Body

We found an amazing combination that has a great sink, durable firmness and pushes your back right where you need it.

Never feel stuck in bed again with Mimpi!

Bebas gangguan pasangan

No Partner Disturbance

Zero Disturbance Technology

If you are a couple with one person who tosses and turns all night, the Mimpi is the best solution!

Our engineers specially designed our mattresses to ensure that you don’t interrupt each other’s sweet dreams.

It’s like sleeping in separate beds without having to give up the cuddles.

You won’t find this luxury in a spring coil mattress, letting you wake up every morning feeling fresh, energized and ready to conquer the new day.

Kenyamanan yang anda dambakan

Keeps You Cool

It’s Cool to be Cool

Our open-cell natural latex layer, stimulates the circulation of air and keeps you cool at night. Air can pass freely beneath your body, even when the mattress contours your curves so you won’t overheat because the natural latex draws the heat away from your body and disperses it outside of the mattress.

Mimpi Mattresses have a low transition temperature, allowing it to stay consistent even when the room temperature changes. Mimpi keeps you cool and comfortable.

The Perfect Feel

Mimpi Mattresses are designed to offer sleepers the absolute best sleep experience. You do not have to choose anymore between a rock-hard mattress or a soft, saggy mattress that sinks your weight. Through our intensive development process, rigorous, high-quality quality materials and user feedback, we built a mattress that provides an amazing sleep for everybody.