BRUXISM atau "menggertakan gigi" dimalam hari


November 16, 2021

Bruxism which is etymologically derived from the Greek word “Brychein” has the meaning of “excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching”. Not many know, but grinding teeth at night is one of the sleep disorders that can happen to someone. Bruxism is a dangerous sleep disorder if left untreated.

Usually, people with bruxism do not realize that they have the disorder because they do it unconsciously while sleeping at night. This is certainly very bad because this behavior will continue to occur for years.

If this happens, bruxism can break the teeth and thinning the enamel, the crowns, and the dental fillings if you have any. In addition to its direct impact on the patient’s teeth, bruxism can also cause headaches, pain in the jaw and disorders of the temporomandibular joints

Do you know someone who often unconsciously grinds their teeth while sleeping? If so, you should tell your friend to avoid the dangers of long-term bruxism and advise them to get the help to treat the sleep disorder.


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