Cara Tidur Nyenyak Selama Bulan Ramadhan

How to Sleep Well During Ramadan

December 01, 2021



Month of Ramadan is one of the most awaited periods for Muslims, it is the month where people pursue their holy duties and obedience. 

Month of Ramadan is also known as the month where people’s habit changes dramatically especially when it comes to sleeping, therefore people tend to stay awake at night and sleep during the day or the afternoon. 

Having a good enough sleep during the Ramadan can be one of the crucial things because it helps maintain a healthy body both physically and mentally. During Ramadan, our sleeping habit can change instantly. 

Even though sleeping is considered a priority whenever and wherever, many people lost their precious sleeping hours, therefore they ended up losing the main benefits of sleep when they undergo the holy fasting during Ramadan


Fun Activities During Ramadan

There are a lot of benefits that you can get during the month of Ramadan, other than receiving a spiritual serenity and physical health that is caused due to fasting you can also spend your time doing various activities while still doing your fasting duties, 

  1. Hone your abandoned hobbies and upgrade your skills that you like, for example reading a book, drawing, painting and many more. Ramadan is the perfect time to obtain your skill again. 
  2. Have more time to worship while also raising your religious beliefs. 
  3. Do not spend time being lazy, instead make use of the time you have to create a  positive impact during fasting by spreading kindness and donate to those who are in need. 
  4. As said above, you are encouraged to do a light workout a few hours before you break fasting. You can jog and do a healthy walk in your neighborhood to maintain your physical health. 
  5. You can start planning a vacation during Ramadan with the family and visit an interesting tourism place while still following the health protocols. 
  6. Visit your family during Eid-Al Fitr and maximize your vacation period to have fun with your family.


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Sleeping during fasting is considered worship. Below are the benefits of sleeping. 


Sleeping is one of the most important priorities for every individual. Nurturing your sleeping habit can protect your body from any sickness, it can boost your immunity and many more. Sleeping has many benefits that is needed by the body, below are the some of the benefits that you need to know:

  1. According to SehatQ, sleeping enough can burn calories and it can decrease your hunger hormone therefore it can prevent your will to eat snacks or eat at night. 
  2. Sleeping can improve your ability to remember. When you sleep, your brain absorbs every information that you receive during the day and after that it strengthens your ability to receive and adjust your memory accordingly. 
  3. The other benefits of sleeping is having enough sleep that can keep your mood better. Lack of sleep can usually be correlated with the bad spread of insulin in your body causing it to have a stack of sugar in your heart. 
  4. Sleeping can help strengthen your immunity system.
  5. Sleeping can help you reduce stress, especially during this Ramadan
  6. Sleeping can boost your mood. It can help you act and think positively during fasting.


When you already found the various benefits of sleeping, you can obtain more quantity that is recommended, have you fulfilled your sleeping quality? 

Other than fulfilling enough sleeping time, the hygienic sleep should also be your priority. 


Tips to have a good sleep during Ramadan.


Other than to hold your starvation and thirst, other obstacles that fasting people need to face during Ramadan is to get enough sleep. You have to admit that fasting does demand people to wake up at a certain hour that is usually used for sleeping. 

When you miss out your sleeping hours, it becomes crucial because you will face arious health problems. From feeling tired and restless that is overwhelming until difficulty in digestion that can affect the metabolism process. 

Sleeping is one of the most important aspects in life, a primary activity that is needed by everyone. 

The benefit of having enough sleeping hours during fasting can definitely help you when doing activities and becomes productive even when you hold your hunger. 

The Ministry of Health also suggested that people should sleep earlier than their usual sleeping hour because you are demanded to wake up at dawn for Sahur. You are encouraged to at least try to sleep 8-10 hours during Ramadan. Quantity of sleeping hours should be kept well just like any other day. 
You should also look at your eating habit before sleeping to experience the benefit of sleeping

It is not recommended to go straight to bed after you eat because that can cause you to have a sleeping disorder while also having a serious sickness like gastric acid and a stack of fat on the heart. 

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi also suggested to have an afternoon nap for at least twenty minutes or known as a power nap, while also staying away from food that contains fat and very oily at Iftar so that you won’t experience sleeping disorder

Try to adjust your sleeping habits while also setting your sleeping time, for example when are you going to sleep before sahur and sleeping after sahur. 

You can also try to put a few drops of essential oil into the pillow before sleeping so that you can easily fall asleep and feel peaceful at night. Turn on a calming music and lay down at the comfortable position on top of your bed. 

You can also make use of the extended time to take a nap for like 10 – 15 minutes to bring back all the stamina that you have while you are fasting. 

Having a light exercise during Ramadan in the afternoon is also proven to help you sleep faster at night and try to not consume caffeine before sleeping, or if you are the type that is very dependent on caffeine, then you can consume it while sahur and go straight to bed before the caffeine works. 

Other than keeping an eye on the quantity of sleep, sleeping can also mean you need to upgrade the quality so that you can optimize the benefit of sleep. You can also create a new sleeping environment that is comfortable and healthy to keep your sleeping needs. 
Also read the tips below to know to know how to maintain your quality of sleep during Ramadan:

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