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Lucid Dream! How to Control Your Dream

November 15, 2021

We may not remember whether if we dream or not as soon as we awake, but in fact, everyone dreams between 3-6 times/night! Dreams can be entertaining, disturbing, and sometimes frightening.

Did you know that you can take over control of your dream? It’s called a lucid dream. While in a regular dream you’re like watching a movie play out in front of you, in a lucid dream, you become the active participant in that movie!

How to control your dream

Some lucid dreamers are able to influence their dream and even changing the story. This is a great advantage if you’re having a nightmare! However, many experts recommend to let your dreams flow naturally.

But, if you’re curious and interested enough to experience a lucid dream, Mimpi got some tips for you!

Get more REM sleep

The lucid dream usually happens during REM sleep, and spending more time in this stage will increase your chances of a lucid dream. You can extend your REM sleep period if you’re getting enough sleep. Practicing good sleep hygiene habits will help your body get through all four stages of sleep!

Learn more about sleep hygiene here.

Practice reality testing

This is a form of mental training by increasing your metacognition. For this, follow these steps several times of day:

  • Ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?”
  • Check your environment to confirm whether or not you’re dreaming
  • Notice your own consciousness and how you’re engaging with your surroundings

Keep a dream journal

Some studies show that people who kept a dream diary had more lucid dreams because they were more focused on them. Get into the habit of writing down every detail of your dream immediately after you wake up!

Try induction techniques

Lucid dream often happens randomly but, it’s possible to initiate lucid dreaming through these techniques:

Wake Back to Bed (WBTB)

First, wake up after 5 hours of sleep. Then, stay awake briefly. After that, go back to bed to try to enter a REM sleep period.

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dream (MILD)

Tell yourself that you’ll lucid dream tonight. You can do it before you sleep or when you’re awake during WBTB

Wake-initiated Lucid Dream (WILD)

You’ll need to lay down and relax until you experience a hallucination that occurs when you’re just about to fall asleep.

Mimpi’s mattress can help you!

Similar to other sleep disorders, lucid dreaming can affect the quality of your sleep. Lucid dreams can also affect your daily life: your digestive system, mood, memory, and general productivity. However, for some, the risk is worth the incredible experience of controlling dreams. In addition, many therapists rely on lucid dreaming to reduce mental problems and also increase creativity.

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