Memilih Bantal Untuk Anak-Anak

Choosing Pillows for Children

April 01, 2019

The pillow is one of the sleeping instruments that should not be forgotten. The pillow serves as a
head support during sleep. When babies are still so small, the shape of the pillow and their sleeping
positions can affect the shape of their head which is still in the growth stage.

How to choose a pillow for small children are certainly different from the technique of choosing a
mattress. For head cushions or pillow, ask your children to try them first. By doing this could make
you find out their likes. There are children who like soft pillows, there are some children who might
like their pillows feel little harder and others.

In some special cases, if your child prefers to sleep in his prone position, you should choose a pillow
that is so soft, so that he does not put too much pressure on the abdomen and chest. Then for
children who sleep on their side, you can choose a pillow that is a little hard than usual and placed
between the knees to balance the pelvis.


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