Mengapa Harga Kasur di Pasaran Sangat Tinggi?

Why Big Mattress Companies Charge So Much?

December 26, 2020

One of the biggest challenges when buying a mattress is the price, and figuring out why are the mattresses so expensive. At offline mattress stores, the listed price on any item is usually what you pay. You might be able to get a discount with a coupon, but asking store employees for a discount generally won’t work.

So how do you buy a mattress that will help you get a good night’s sleep without getting ripped off? Read on for details.

Harga Kasur di Indonesia

Mattress Price in Indonesia

Mattress type impacts the price-point more than any other factor. The price range of foam mattresses, for example, varies significantly from the price ranges of latex or hybrid models.

Below are the prices for Queen size mattress in Indonesia (minimum to maximum):

  • Foam: Rp500.000 – Rp80.000.000
  • Spring: Rp1.000.000 – Rp100.000.000
  • Latex: Rp4.000.000 – Rp140.000.000
  • Hybrid: Rp3.000.000 – Rp100.000.000

There are also cost factors for different mattress types such as thickness, coil count, foam density, production process, etc.

Kasur adalah Investasi Besar

A mattress is a Big Investment

Yes, and a lot of companies try to use this as their excuse while in fact, you can still get a great quality product at an affordable price! A good mattress will last 8-10 years or more. So, it’s worth investing in a mattress that will help you have a perfect night’s sleep!

Toko Offline

Offline Store

Did you know that a mattress company that has offline store markups its products’ prices up to 10x? This is usually attributed to large markups, which depends on the brand. In addition to manufacturing costs, there are marketing costs, retail markup, and sales commissions. Not to mention that there are other costs such as electrical and water bill.

Moreover, an offline store is a place where salespeople follow you everywhere with their manual calculator and weird discount calculations. For some customers, it would be too distracting and annoying, right?

Kasur Mimpi adalah Pilihan Terbaik untuk Anda!

Mimpi Mattress is Your Best Choice!

Higher prices do not mean better sleep! At Mimpi Sleep, we have added more transparency to the process and cutting out the middleman thus drastically reducing the selling price. What you see is what you get!

We removed all those superfluous costs by selling a high-quality product direct to the consumer online. Moreover, we offer 100-night free trial periods, free returns, and free delivery to your door, which makes Mimpi is the best place to buy a mattress online!


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