Ongkos Kirim Gratis untuk Kasur Lateks Mewah

Free Delivery Costs for Luxury Latex Mattresses

January 19, 2019


Sleep is a rest that everyone needs. The number of activities each day makes the back and neck become stiff, especially if we spend a lot of time all day sitting in front of a computer screen or work that requires strong physical strength. Sleeping on a smooth and comfortable surface is a gift at the end of the day after all these activities.

The latex mattress from Mimpi has many advantages compared to other mattresses on the market. The combination of pure latex, memory foam, high resilience foam and support foam as the basic material of the mattress can make a Mimpi mattress can create the best quality sleep for its users.

With a luxurious design, Mimpi mattresses can support the body and spread heavy points throughout the surface of the mattress. With this best quality, any sleeping position is no longer a problem because everything will feel comfortable. This can be guaranteed that your sleep quality will be better after having a Mimpi mattress.

Mimpi also provides free delivery services for every order of existing mattresses. With this free shipping service, it is expected that it will be the solution for many people out there who have transportation problems to deliver mattresses to their homes. Delivery is also adjusted to the wishes of consumers so that the mattress will be present at the door when you are also at home. Believe me, this service is very rarely found in other mattress stores and may only available in Mimpi


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