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Spring bed vs Latex Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress

June 01, 2021

People’s quality of sleep can usually be determined by their quality of bed that they have. To maintain your quality of sleep and stay healthy, choosing a good bed plays an important role in your life. 
Today, mattresses that are made out of a foam or spring bed are slowly being replaced by a new trend which is a mattress that is made out of natural latex. Latex is a natural product that comes from the sap of a rubber. The usage of a latex mattress is known to give a better impact on your health if compared to foam or spring bed.


The Difference between Spring Bed, Latex Mattress, and Memory Foam Bed

A spring bed, latex mattress, and memory foam mattresses have a very significant difference. 

It can be seen through the basic materials; three different types of beds have their own significant differences. It can be seen from the first from the basic component of the bed, the quality of comfort, and the price range. Those three are the basic indicators that can be compared easily.

1. The Basic Component of a Bed

Basically, the three-basic component of a bed is very different. Spring bed mattresses usually have a foam metal spring as their buffer. There are two types of spring coil which are an open coil and a pocket spring coil.

A spring mattress with an open coil spring has the bed supported because the coil is connected on every edge of the bed. Whereas a pocket coil spring, they have every coil wrapped separately until it becomes flexible and comfortable. 

Latex mattress on the other hand is made purely from natural sap that is most suitable for allergy sufferers and it is an anti-dust mite. It is antibacterial because it has a low PH and is more acidic so mold, mildew, bacterial and fungal organisms will not flourish in these environments. 
On a memory foam mattress, its basic material is foam. It is a type of mattress that already undergoes a chemical process, called polyurethane. Most people in Indonesian society really like using this mattress because of the very soft texture that is very comfortable for sleeping. 

2. The Level of Comfort

Spring bed mattresses, latex mattresses, and memory foam mattresses are made out of different materials. Spring beds have a texture that is not too soft and also a bit firm. Whereas a latex mattress has a more flexible texture that can follow your body curve and is very suitable for those that have back-spine problems. Memory foam mattresses have a variety of softness. 

The level of consistency and softness of a foam mattress can affect the length of warranty it can take. The longer the warranty period of the mattress, the better the memory foam is. 

Compared to the spring bed and latex mattress, the softness of a memory foam mattress has its own plus points. Usually, a foam mattress is the one that is recommended by experts for those who are experiencing muscle soreness and severe tiredness after using a spring bed.

Latex mattresses and memory foam have a very specific significance. For the comfort side, choosing a mattress based on what you need is the right solution. If you have trouble sleeping because of back pain then a latex mattress can be the right choice for you to solve your problem. 

3. Mattress Price

For the range of price, spring bed mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and latex mattresses have different economical value. Compared to a latex mattress, a spring bed mattress and memory foam mattress tends to be a lot cheaper.

These things happen because a latex mattress uses a natural latex material and is expensive because it really depends on the availability of nature.


Tips Choosing a Good Mattress Brand 

There are many factors that cause people to have a hard time obtaining a good quality of sleep. Other than health and stress factors, having a high quality of sleep can also be affected by the mattress that you use. There are things that you should reconsider before choosing a mattress. 

1. Adjustable Mattress Size

As said by Huffpost, adjusting your mattress size with your own bedroom and body is one of the most important things that you should think about. You should make sure that your mattress is the right size for your bedroom. Other than that, you should look at your own body weight and height. Usually, you need to choose a mattress that is at least 10 – 15 cm more length and width than your body, therefore it can make your sleep more comfortable and have better quality. 

2. Pay Attention to The Temperature of Your Bedroom

Temperature can really have a high impact on your quality of sleep. Moreover, Indonesia is a tropical country. Therefore, it's better to avoid choosing a bed that absorbs moisture or water because it can cause a huge problem for your skin and of course, your quality of sleep. Usually, a mattress that is made out of memory foam has a high absorbance. This can cause dust mites to flourish and it can affect your comfort of sleep. 

3. Choose a Mattress Based on What You Need

Choose a mattress that is suited to what you need. There are three types of mattress that are very familiar to Indonesian society: memory foam mattress, latex mattress, and spring bed mattress. As mentioned above, these three types of beds have different specialties. Therefore, choose the one that is suited to your own needs. 

4. Allocate Your Own Budget

The last tip is to always stay within your budget. Mattresses with an expensive price range don’t really mean it’s the best one. Before purchasing a new mattress, make sure you can afford to buy a mattress that is within your budget therefore you won’t have any distractions thinking about other expenses for next month. Later on, it’s going to be a waste of time if you did purchase your dream bed but then it causes more stress thinking about your expenses next month. 


Mimpi, one of the Best Brand for Health Benefit Mattresses with Affordable Prices in Indonesia 

Mimpi Sleep has created the best latex mattress that is created all the way from Belgium, specialized to fill the needs of Indonesian people. With the right thickness and perfect level of comfort, the Mimpi mattress can give off an exciting and comfortable experience whenever you try sleeping on it. 

A Mimpi mattress can also minimize your bad sleeping habits. You can feel the sensation of being healthy because the Mimpi mattress is made out of modern technology that can have a cooling effect so you can feel the breeze when sleeping. This can help you be aware of the mattress surface and you can sleep peacefully under any condition. 

Mimpi mattress is made up of layers of natural premium latex that help you avoid stress. Helps you be aware all night without pressure or even other sleeping disorders. Mimpi mattress is the perfect mattress for you to uplift your healthy lifestyle

Other than giving off many health benefits for you, Mimpi mattress is offering the best Latex Mattress at an affordable price. Purchase your Mimpi mattress now and get a Super SALE with discount of up to 25% and get a free latex pillow and bolster (terms and conditions applied) using the promo code PALMattress2021 available from 1-27 June 2021. 

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