3 Efek Buruk Konsumsi Obat Tidur

3 Bad Effects of Sleep Medication

November 12, 2021

Do you have sleep problems? Wait a minute, if you’re thinking of taking sleep medication now, you
better stop. You should not rush to decide to take sleeping pills to cure your sleeping problem.
Before you decide to use some of those sleeping pills, it's good for you to know what kind of side
effects that can occur.

Consuming large amounts of sleeping pills can make it difficult for a person to balance his body and
know its center of gravity. This often happens to patients who have just recovered after surgery
because of an anesthetic that was done before. Lack of control in regulating body balance is caused
by sleeping pills or anesthesia with high doses.

Based on a study in 2012 by BMJ it said that people who take sleeping pills regularly, within a certain
period of time have a higher risk of cancer with addition more higher risk of death than someone
who do not take sleeping pills at all?

For some people who have acute sleep problems, it is common for them to become addicted to
taking sleeping pills. This dependency syndrome is called rebound insomnia and is caused by the
illusion that they will not be able to sleep without the help of drugs. At this stage of addiction, the
doctor will usually help the patient to reduce the dose of sleep medicine slowly before suggest them
to stop using them.

Having problems with sleep disorders is indeed very unpleasant, but sleeping pills are also not the
best solution considering some of the side effects of their consumption that tend to have negative
effects on our body. We recommend you to maintain a healthy diet, enough exercise and sleep on a
smooth and comfortable mattress with a mixture of pure latex materials offered by Mimpi.


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