4 Kriteria Kasur yang Nyaman Untuk Ditiduri

4 Criteria for Comfortable Mattresses to Sleep

November 12, 2021

Choosing a mattress is quite difficult if you don’t have the experience of trying the mattress first. If you are lucky to try a mattress like what Mimpi offers, make sure the mattress have 4 of these criteria.

First, a comfortable mattress is a mattress that does not move easily and sways while sleeping. So when you move while sleeping, your wife or child who is sleeping next to you will not feel disturbed and wake up. Latex mattress from Mimpi is the right choice if you are looking for this type of mattress, unlike the spring mattress that will make your movement even bigger and spread around the surface.

Second, a comfortable mattress is a mattress that is not easily deflated. This type of mattress is usually made of memory foam, as offered by Mimpi.

Third, look for a mattress that has the ability to spread weight on all surfaces like a mattress made from pure latex.

Finally, mattresses that have good quality are mattresses that have good air circulation. Usually a mattress like this is made from a combination of pure latex and memory foam. Good air circulation makes the mattress feel cooler and sleep more soundly.

Have you found a mattress with these 4 criteria? If not, you can order and try mattress from Mimpi. Because Mimpi only sells quality mattresses that can create good sleep quality for you.


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