6 Tips Meningkatkan Kualitas Tidur

6 Tips Improve Your Quality Sleep

November 12, 2021
Sleep is important to support quality of life. Eight hours of rest is an ideal time to recharge and it’s enough time to keep our body energized the next day. Unfortunately, we can’t always get the best sleep, and there are even people who suffer from severe sleep disorders. Here are some tips for you to follow for a better sleep quality. 1. What happens in the office, stays in the office Bringing homework is certainly not fun, especially when the work takes a deadline. Stress and panic seemed haunting and will certainly be a burden. A simple tip from MSN suggests separating the workspace from the bedroom so that we can totally rest and not be disturbed by the hauntedness in the next room. 2. Caffeine intake Did you know, the effect of caffeine in the body can last up to six hours? If you are an avid coffee drinker, you should know that there are times to watch out for. Lyndi Cohen, an Australian nutritionist, stated that the last hour best for coffee is 2 p.m. 3. Mealtime A proper dinner is scheduled at 7 p.m, and a gap of three hours to bedtime needs to be provided to keep your stomach calm. Therefore, keep in mind not to fall asleep on the time you’re supposed to be having your meal. 4. Stay away from electronics Storing electronic items, especially smartphones, in our range will disturb the sleep cycle. This is because we become more aware of the distractions that are triggered by the smartphone. When you’re ready to sleep at night, turn on silent mode so that any notification does not distract you from sleeping. 5. Room atmosphere A good night’s sleep is recommended in the dark, suitable room temperature (not too cold, not too hot). If you feel uncomfortable sleeping in the dark, the House Beautiful site recommend making your room lighting as warm as possible with a yellow light. In addition, adequate natural lighting and smooth air circulation certainly contribute to comfortable rooms and quality sleep. 6. Watch your nap time According to experts, the time for you to nap is at 3 p.m, and it should not take any more than 30 minutes. Napping is beneficial, but if it exceeds the recommended duration, the body will feel weak when you wake up. The benefits of napping, in addition to refreshing the body to continue activities, also makes us more alert, creative, better memory skills, and increased learning abilities.


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