Alasan Kurang Tidur Kerap Sebabkan Depresi

Reasons for Sleep Deprivation Often Cause Depression

November 12, 2021

Sleep deprivation does cause many problems for our body. Starting from fatigue, back pain, reducing intelligence to depression. Why does sleep deprivation in adults often cause depression?

Based on studies of several international journals, people who have a healthy sleep pattern, ie 7-8 hours each day proved to be happier than those sleeping less than 7 hours each day. About 65% are free from stress and depression. The reason is that when we sleep enough, the amygdala in the body will work and regulate our emotions. If so, this amygdala will make our body relax and make our feelings happier.

Lack of rest and sleep at night will make the front part of the brain (prefrontal cortex) will lose its power in controlling the amygdala, so that emotion will fluctuate and cause a person to eventually get stress and depression. If sleep deprivation is carried out continuously in the long term, then chances are that you can suffer from an anxiety disorder and thoughts may arise to end life.

Therefore know that enough sleep is highly recommended to avoid you from stress and depression. For those of you who often have poor sleep patterns, this is the right time to try again to take at least 7-8 sleep times each day to have a better sleep pattern and be free of depression.


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