Anda Hanya Perlu Santai Ketika Tidak Dapat Tidur

You Only Need to Relax When You Can’t Sleep

November 15, 2021

Being jolted awake when falling asleep is really annoying, especially if you are a person who has a sleep disorder and has difficulty returning back to sleep well as before. Some of us might get frustrated and then stressed at night when we cannot continue to sleep.

If this often happens at night, one of the best solutions to this is only to overcome your stress and panic first. You just need to relax. First, try looking for a comfortable sleeping position and try some sleep techniques that you know for 20 minutes.

If for 20 minutes you don’t fall asleep, you just need to get out of bed and do other activities under the dim light, such as reading a book or writing a daily journal. But remember, don’t be tempted to play with your smartphone or check the time many times.

Doing these small activities can make you become more relaxed. When you are free from panic, stress and become more relaxed, then you might feel sleepy after some time. When it happens, it’s time to turn off your lights and lie down on Mimpi’s latex mattress to get good quality sleep.


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