Apa yang Terjadi pada Tubuh Kita Ketika Kita Tidur?

What happen to our body when we sleep?

November 15, 2021

Many people associate sleep with a light switch – when we go to bed, shut our eyes, and our body “switches off”. Then when we open our eyes and wake up in the morning, we are “switching on” the day.

However, it’s not true. There are changes that happen in our bodies during the night when we sleep!

Read on to find out some of the things we do know about sleep and why it’s so important for our bodies and minds.

  1. Stage one

This stage is where we are in between being awake and falling asleep, or “light sleep” for about 7-10 minutes. Our bodies begin to relax.

Our eyes begin to do a “slow-rolling eye movements” when they move left and right, back and forth, slowly and smoothly, many times.

Our brain starts top produce slightly bigger waves and fewer of them

  1. Stage two

This stage takes 45% of the night. Sleep in this stage is slightly deeper than the first one. This is where our body regulates metabolism.

This is when our body temperature starts to drop. And we become disengaged from our surroundings.  However, our breathing and heart rate are still regular.

  1. Stage three

Also known as a “deep sleep” and “restorative sleep” stage and lasts 25% of the night. In this stage, it becomes very hard to wake up.

This is when our energy is really restored and our hormones are released! One of them is the growth hormone which is essential for growth and development.

Also, our blood supply to muscle increases, while our blood pressure drops.

  1. REM sleep

This stage occurs about 90 minutes after we fall asleep and recurs about every 90 minutes, getting longer later in the night.

REM stands for “Rapid Eye Movement” – it means our eyes are moving during this stage like when we’re awake. Our brainwave is very similar to when we’re awake so we often dream during REM sleep.

In this stage, our body becomes immobile and relaxed, as muscles are turned off. This stage is important because it supports our daytime performance later.


Sleep keeps us healthy and functioning well. It lets our body and brain repair, restore, and reenergize.

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