Apakah Ketebalan Menjadi Jaminan Kasur Berkualitas?

The Quality of Thick and Expensive Mattress

September 15, 2018

Can thick and expensive mattresses automatically refer to good quality mattresses? Should good quality mattress be thick and more expensive? The answer will be NO to both questions. Thicker and more expensive mattresses cannot always guarantee that you will have the best sleep experience. Instead of measuring the quality of the mattress from its thickness and price, the right standard for measuring the quality of a mattress is through its comfort when you use it to sleep.

Lots of mattress stores offer the thickness of mattress when they sell their mattresses and use it as one of the indicators to measure the quality of the mattress. Some mattress manufacturers often spread the message that the thickness of the mattress, usually 29-32 cm is the best mattress.

Though the mattress they offer is often only made with foam and spring. The foam they use to make the mattress look thicker will eventually lose its ability to support your body. Sometimes thick mattresses that are only made of springs are overpriced to create the illusion that they are having good quality.

The best material to make quality mattress can be made with pure latex combine with other materials, like memory foam. Memory foam and pure latex will create the right thickness, which is about 25 cm. It will help to spread our pressure points when we sleep on the entire surface of the mattress. With this thickness, you can have the best sleeping experience. This pure latex material allows air circulation, so the mattress becomes cool and more comfortable to sleep on.

In addition, there is also high resilience foam which functions as a support for other materials. High Resilience foam made of polyurethane. This material can maintain the strength of the mattress so that it won’t be deflated. So, even if you sleep in the same place, the thickness of your mattress will not change over the long period of time.

Mimpi offers all of the best materials to make a quality mattress. Combination of pure latex, memory foam, high resilience foam, support foam and spun sock make Mimpi mattress more perfect than other mattresses that only offer its thickness. Mimpi also ensures to always provide affordable price for their customers.

Not only that, Mimpi offers a full money back guarantee and gives a 100-days of a free trial period for you to prove yourself that mattress by Mimpi is indeed having the best quality and enhance your best sleeping experience.


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