Bahan Bed Cover Untuk Negara Iklim Tropis

Bed Cover Materials for Tropical Climate Countries

November 15, 2021

Living in a country with a tropical climate is certainly fun because warm weather will be present
every day. Hot weather caused by the blazing sun is certainly very easy to make the body sweat
every time. To sleep in hot weather, you certainly need an appropriate and the right bed cover.
There are two types of bed covers that are suitable for summer weather, they are bed covers made
from linen and bed covers made from bamboo fiber.

Linen is a material made from hemp fiber and was used and made first in Egypt more than 6000
years ago. The advantage of linen is that this material is stronger than cotton and the longer it is
used, the more comfortable it will be only if it washed properly. Because linen is a type of natural
fabric, the amount of production is also very limited and one of the countries that produce it is

In addition to linen, there is also bamboo fiber as the best bed cover material for hot weather. This
type of fabric is still very new to be used as a bed cover, but based on the experience of people who
have used bamboo fiber as a bed cover they say their sleep is very comfortable even though the
price for this type of bed cover is still expensive.


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