Bahaya REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

Dangers of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

October 09, 2018

Health problems, tired body, too much stress can cause sleep disorders. Sleep disorders will affect the comfort and quality of sleep at night when we must rest. Many of us who are around 20-59 most likely ever experienced sleep disorders, like Insomnia. From many kinds of sleep disorder, one of the dangerous ones is called REM Sleep Behavior Disorder.

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder is a sleep disorder that is very dangerous for others rather than to those who suffer from it. Because sufferers of sleep disorders will often demonstrate things in their dreams into the real world. He could hit other people unconsciously or do other things more than that.

Medications prescribed by doctors are the main solution at this time. Doctors also often suggest that it would be better if REM patients Sleep Behavior Disorder sleep alone for a while so they will not be a danger to other people around and also suggest them to lock the door if they have a tendency to walk while sleeping.


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