Amankah Membeli Kasur Secara Online?

Is It Safe to Buy a Mattress Online?

November 16, 2021

To buy a mattress online has the same risks as buying anything online: whether that’s clothes, furniture or any household items, what you get may not be what you hope for in real life. But is online mattress shopping safe? The answer is yes, absolutely! If you find the right brand with a good online shopping experience it’s very safe, but there are some things to make sure of when you do order a mattress online - here we share some tips below.

Firstly: Why Buy a Mattress Online?

This is important to establish because most people are still more comfortable in browsing for bedding the traditional way: walk into the store, touch, press and lay on mattresses available and order on sight. Whilst many are most comfortable doing this, there are definitely a few negatives.

Mattress shopping is very time-consuming and confusing! You’ll find that comparing mattresses in-store can be a tiring process, walking between beds and trying to compare small differences can be confusing and may actually result in the wrong decision. Furthermore, you’ll often find that shop attendants will try to steer you towards the more expensive options instead of the option that’s best for you.

When you buy a mattress online from a reputable shop you’ll find that the details and descriptions are complete, and not only can you compare between mattress quality but also pricing. You’re also able to double check with your bed-size at home to be sure of dimensions. This saves a lot of time, effort and confusion.

For companies like Mimpi Sleep, who only sell online, you will find that generally their high-quality mattresses are at more affordable prices than mattresses sold in shops, because they do not pay for shop space and shop attendants.

Membeli Kasur Secara Online - Kasur Mimpi

Often online mattress shops will grant benefits for shopping with them too. For example, Mimpi Sleep -  gives you 100 nights free trial of your mattress and free delivery as well.

What to Check for When Online Mattress Shopping

1. Detailed Information
If you’re browsing for a mattress online - especially a luxury mattress online - you need to be sure of your choice. So make sure the website you’re on provides very clear information about their products. Make sure you can see: exact size and dimensions; where it’s made; what materials are used, like memory foam or natural latex mattresses; how many layers it has. The more information about the mattress you’re given the better.

2. Payment Systems
For absolute safety when you’re thinking to order a mattress online, make sure that the website has verified payment systems. For example, Mimpi Sleep accepts payments through Midtrans, a trusted payment gateway for Indonesia accepting Visa, MasterCard, JCB and more; as well as GoPay. This ensures security when ordering through these trusted systems. 

Better yet, if the website offers credit / instalments, that ensures more security for you too, especially if they work with credible companies. Mimpi Sleep works with Kredivo, an online credit platform that can help you ‘Pay Later’ with a 3 months, 6 months and 12 months instalment plan.

3. Trials and Warranty
Important for any mattress purchase, more so if you’re going to buy a mattress online, is that the company offers a warranty for the product. This is the ultimate promise of quality and assurance you can get from a company. To put customer’s minds at ease, Mimpi Sleep offers a full 10-year warranty for any of their orders. 

In fact, Mimpi Sleep goes a little bit further by offering a 100-night trial, allowing you to really test the product properly at home to see if it suits your sleep needs and gives you full comfort. If you don’t like your mattress, Mimpi Sleep will organise to ship it back and give you a full refund. This means if you buy a mattress online with Mimpi Sleep, it’s risk-free.

4. Reviews, Media and Third-Party Standards
Of course, third party reviews and testimonies continue to be relevant and important. Check if the website is transparent about their reviews and shows all of their customer reviews publicly, this is a sign of trust and openness that you need when shopping for mattress online.

Better yet: has the company been featured in any news or media sites? That’s the ultimate check-box for quality, trust and assurance. This also goes for any accreditation or standards from third-party companies, such as quality control, environmental standards and safety standards. 

So, is it safe to buy a mattress online? Once again the answer is yes, only if you do your own homework and check that the brand you’re browsing has met the above criteria for safety and trust.

Membeli Kasur Online

But why look anywhere else? Mimpi Sleep sells affordable, high-quality latex mattresses online, with all of the assurances you need to feel comfortable about your purchase. Why not browse our mattresses now


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