Cara Memproses Lemak Secara Cepat Dalam Tubuh

How To Process Fat Quickly on Your Body

December 01, 2021

Fat is needed by our body. One function of fat is to protect body organs. But if we consume too much fatty food, then the fat will accumulate in the waist and other parts of our body. Of course, the next time we realize, we already gain a few more kgs and become obese.

Many women choose to exercise actively and maintain their diet so that it will not accumulate and pile up on their bodies. But do you know that exercise and diet alone are not enough?  For those who are on a diet, it will be very good if they can process fat quickly on their bodies.

So, how to process fat quickly? You can process fat quickly on the body by sleeping at least 7-8 hours every day. This is supported by research produced by the University of Chicago. The researchers examined 10 respondents who were divided into 2 groups. The first group is required to sleep for 8 hours every night, while others have to sleep for 5 hours.

Although the two groups were given the same amount of fat consumption and the same activities, it was found that the group that slept for 8 hours processed fat four times faster than the group that only slept for 5 hours.


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