Cara Untuk Tidur Dalam Keadaan Gelap

Ways to Sleep in the Dark

December 01, 2021

Turning off the lights and making the room dark is the fastest way to help people fall asleep at night. But what is the solution for you who might still find it difficult to sleep in the dark? There are some tips that can be practiced before going to bed with the lights turned off completely.

First of all, it might be better to replace your room’s light bulb into a dimmer color. If you usually use a very bright lamp, try switching to a type of lamp that gives a dim atmosphere into your room.

Secondly, you can try to turn off the room lights and open a little door so that the light from another room goes into your room. For those of you who live in apartments on a high floor, you can open your window curtains and let the light from the balcony or city lights accompany your sleep.

If you live and try these two habits, then you can slowly try to sleep with total darkness. Believe me, after you get used to it, there will be no more fear or discomfort to sleep in the dark. In addition, sleeping in the dark will actually generate the hormone cortisol in the body to work, so that your sleep can become more restful at night. How? Are you now ready to try sleeping with the lights turned off completely?


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