Coba 100 Malam Gratis Kasur Mimpi

100 Nights Free Trial “Mimpi” Mattress

March 18, 2018

Mimpi is a startup that interests in technology and lifestyle, focusing on sleeping quality, launching a premium quality foam mattress to its Indonesian market. The technology that Mimpi is using are all developed in Belgium and make packaging and delivery an easy process by compressing down to half the original size (200cm x 200cm) of the mattress. Though once the mattress is back to its original size, it cannot be compressed to the compact size.


Mimpi Founder and CEO, Frank De Witte, explains there are four layers of Mimpi mattress that are:

  • Mimpi latex foam, that gives the perfect curve and keeps the mattress to stay cool and comfortable at night,
  • Pressure-relief foam and memory foam that contour and support your body,
  • High-resilience foam which stops any movements while you’re asleep,
  • Firm-support base foam that’s solid and durable, gives an ideal firmness to the mattress.


Frank explains, these layers are all used specifically and are developed to its potential so Mimpi gives the best comfortable feeling. “All the materials are picked carefully so that you feel balanced as you sleep, regardless of your body type or sleep style,” says Frank, during the launch of Mimpi product in Double Tree, Thursday (8/2/2018).


The materials are thin woven fabric that’s designed in Belgium of the best quality. Cleaning also made easy thanks to the removable zipper.


According to Frank, mattress industry these days doesn’t provide clear information and a difficult purchasing process. Mimpi works in this industry to make every process easy. Affordable premium quality mattress, free delivery, 100 nights free trial, and 10 year warranty. “This has never been offered in the mattress industry in Indonesia before,” says Frank. In its official website you will find detail information of the varying mattress sizes and price ranges from Rp4 millions to Rp 9,8 millions.


The 100 nights free trial and 10-year warranty is a way to attract Mimpi’s Indonesian market. “They don’t have to spend too much money on a mattress, all they need is enough information about the product of the purchase,” says Frank.


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Bagaimana cara uji coba gratis ?

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