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Foam Mattress Price

February 12, 2022

Do you intend to replace your old mattress because it’s no longer comfortable to sleep on? Choosing a good mattress for you is not something that could be underestimated. There are many types of mattress that you can choose according to your needs and your finances.


Foam mattresses, spring bed mattresses, folding mattresses, traditional mattresses / kapok mattresses, boxed mattresses and so on. Material from the mattress you choose will determine the comfort of your sleep, if you choose a mattress with improper  material then it will result in reduced quality of sleep and make your body tired when you wake up.


Foam mattress are the first modern mattress to come after kapok mattress. Foam mattress has many variations in the level of tenderness, starting from a very gentle to a stiff one. Foam mattress is soft and supple to wear, but if used for too long the foam mattress will become hard and the deflated is all influenced by the material and also the quality of the foam mattress. Foam mattress have advantages and disadvantages as below.

The Advantages of Foam Mattress


  1. Provide a healthy sleep
    Foam mattresses not only help your body to relax, but foam mattresses are also believed to help you achieve rejuvenation at night. When you sleep with your partner, there is no need to worry about feeling that you will disturb your partner’s sleep because every move you make during sleep will not have an effect on the opposite side.
  2. Improve Spinal alignment
    Foam mattress can help you who suffer from spinal injuries, because the foam mattress has a stiffer material that suits your body shape. The pressure relieving technology will help to remove extra pressure on the body. The foam mattress helps to align the spine properly and ensure you get a healthy sleep.
  3. Has antimicrobial properties
    Foam mattress has a dense structure so that foam mattress is highly resistant to dirt, mold, dust and other bacteria so that foam mattress is the best option for those of you who can not sleep well because it has allergies.


Disadvantages of Foam Mattress

  1. Foam mattress is not resistant with water (non-waterproof)
    Foam mattress is not resistant to water. When the mattress is exposed to water then the quality of the foam mattress will decrease. One of the factors that cause the quality of the foam mattress is exposed to sweat while asleep, sweat will make your foam mattress feel moist so that it makes your foam mattress decrease.
  2. Smelly
    Some cheap foam mattresses are likely to release a pungent chemical smell that some shoppers will not like the smell incurred. The smells can be irritating and for people who are sensitive to this smell can be very annoying. It’s always advisable you to let your foam mattress to air for a few days before you can use it.


Foam mattresses are very easy to find in mattress stores, as it proves that foam mattresses are still one of the prima donna for most people. Aside from affordable price and easy to carry due to it being lightweight, foam mattress also provides comfort as you lie on it.


To find out more about the price, please click on the price list of foam mattresses for more details. Hope you find your dream mattress. 

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