Dampak Positif dari Tidur yang Cukup

Life Quality Upgrading with a Good Sleep

December 01, 2021

Self upgrading could be affected by several factors. Physical factor is one of the reasons of your mood swing. There’s a strong soul inside a healthy body. It seems that your inner mind will affected by physical condition.

Most people have one common reason, which is “24 hours are not enough”. It could be work that steals, or your body is too exhausted that your sleep quality falls apart. But instead of trying to sleep, our eyes and fingers keep paying attention at phone or laptop screen, then we realize morning is coming soon.

These are some benefits of having enough sleep that leads us to reflect on ourselves, for a greater good:

1. Happier Life

Sleep deprivation really affects one’s mood and feeling for the next day. The pressure we’ll get is even similar like being thrown by work deadlines. In this case, sleep deprivation may make your mind and feeling become calmer.

2. Build muscle easily.

For those who always go to the gym and do body toning, have enough sleep really gets you to meet your target easily.

3. Good comprehension.

We agree that kids need to go to bed before 9PM to get a better sleep because this affects their comprehension at learning new things at school. But we don’t really apply it on ourselves. Even so, it will boost our concentration to quickly get the job done.

4. Better driver.

Those who have enough sleep, more likely to have higher focus than those who have sleep deprivation. With daily routines that need us to drive and commute, enough sleep will give us a good focus to be more careful and patient on the road.

5. Get the positive vibes up, get rid of anxiety.

Sleep deprivation could lead you to depression, anxiety and unconfident. On the other hand, enough sleep will make our mind feeling positive and comfortable, reduce stress and you’re good to continue life without feeling overburdened.

6. Skin glows..

Our skin needs nutrition, but it also needs more than that. Food we have are also a major factor. But enough sleep, kicks its role in it too. Enough sleep helps skin to be repaired after a long day got a sun kiss or even pollution.

7. Higher up productivity..

At home or office, our productivity will stay stable as it is or getting better when we have a good sleep. Because having a good sleep really rise our focus up, meanwhile deprivation of sleep could easily make us distracted.

8. Keep you from being irritated and upset..

Those who have sleep deprivation, tend to get easily irritated and upset for something that even that doesn’t matter much. It’s a normal thing to likely happen because sleep deprivation brings you crankiness and sensitivities. Try to have more sleep to have better mood.

9. Respond fast..

Even though it’s not too significantly affecting, have some enough sleep will get you to respond fast and accurate, as compared to them with sleep deprivation.

10. Prevent migraine..

If migraines strike often, you’d probably need to ask yourself either you have enough sleep or otherwise. Sleep deprivation is also the cause of having a migraine.

Have some enough sleep, not only gets you some benefits, but also a cheap and easy way for upgrading the quality of life. On the other hand, sleep deprivation makes a bad influence for your health from day to day. If you want to maintain a good relationship with family and friends, enough sleep will put you in a good mood, it’ll help you to act wisely towards others. BOOK HERE!

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