Dampak berbahaya dari stress bagi kesehatan

Prolonged Stress can cause Stress to your Body

January 22, 2022

Stress is a common condition that is experienced by everyone. This usually comes from the social pressure or even the anxious emotion when you are faced by certain situations.
Even though stress may sound like something that is very common, it is not something that can be taken for granted. Prolonged stress can cause a serious health disorder and is very vital because it can impact your performance during the day or even on everyday lives. This is because when prolonged stress happens, it influences how people think to respond on specific occasions or can eventually cause depression or other physical disorder. 

The Importance of Stress Management and Build a Healthy Lifestyle

When you can no longer avoid prolonged stress, try to apply for stress management that can be revived through a healthy lifestyle for stress relief

Through the whole point of view this can be correlated to various disorders that can be caused by ourself or caused by other external factors. 

Even though sometimes stress cannot be avoided or controlled, you can try other ways to prevent yourself from other impacts of psychological disorders that are caused by stress

Don’t wait until you are stuck in your own nightmare and want to start coping with stress,  apply stress management below

To apply a healthy lifestyle, you need a high determination and consistency. According to SehatQ you are advised to apply 4 A, which is avoid, alter, adapt and accept. 


  1. Avoid 
    You are advised to avoid the core of stress, whether its work, people or your surroundings. By avoiding problems, you’ll be able to avoid conflict from the unwanted negative energy.
  2. Alter 
    In this step, you can try to change your lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle, other than that you also fix your social surrounding. Try to adjust your working schedule to find time to rest and have fun. Create a better condition to protect your heart serenity by doing activities that you like in the middle of your hectic schedule.
  3. Adapt 
    Adapting to a new environment can increase your positive attitude towards anything that may happen if you reduce your stress.
  4. Accept
    By accepting the scenario in the working environment with an open heart, you won't have any high expectations therefore you are avoided from disappointment. Accepting is part of forgiving yourself, there are some things that cannot be changed in life, and accepting is the only wise action that you can take in order to keep a positive attitude. 


Gejala stress yang patut Anda ketahui

What is Stress and The Impact Towards Our Body?

Stress is a condition that can press your emotion, psychic, and physical. The stress symptoms vary depending on the people, even if you have a very chronic stress this can weaken your immune system and attack your metabolism, so that the victims with the stress symptoms can be easily exposed to any other virus or sickness. 

Stress often can be taken easily as something that is very common, but not a lot of people know that a prolonged stress can also cause sleeping disorder, insomnia and other things that are you cannot think of. 

Stress symptoms are marked as a very low scale until serious. You have to look at the things below and realize the concerns:

  1. Stress symptoms that are commonly seen are marked with the changes of the heart, anxious and the most chronic changes was depression. 
  2. The physical symptoms that you may experience are headache, constant migraine, heart pumping very fast and menstruation disorder made by women. 
  3. Sleeping disorders like insomnia or if you used to wake up in the middle of the night and have a prolonged bad dream you also need to take it seriously. 

You need to start living a healthy lifestyle to prevent the three health factors mentioned above. To start a healthy lifestyle you need to begin with consistency and determination. A healthy and comfortable environment can help prevent you from unwanted sickness. Other than that, you can regain the potential within yourself without having any fear and it can make you stress relief

The cause of stress varies depending on the people, starting from external problems up until internal. Even though prolonged stress can always exist because of the following reasons: 

  1. Working environment or home environment 
    You grew up in an unhealthy environment for your mental health 
  2. Childhood Trauma 
    There are childhood trauma that can still show up until now, and make you have a hard time to receive calmness or peacefulness with yourself.
  3. Sickness that is hard to cure 
    You may probably have a chronic sickness that cause you to not be able to be fully cured and it causes you a huge frustration
  4. Internal problems such as love and money 
    You just got out of a heartbreak and are currently experiencing financial problems, stitch in debt and many more. 

Pekerjaan adalah faktor umum munculnya stress.

Coping With Stress Effectively

During the pandemic what usually happens is that the stake of people experiencing stress rise drastically. This can cause a lot of things, making people lose their job, having fear and worrying etc. 

Stress can be handled by trying these following steps that are advised by KOMPAS and can be done easily at home. Stress management can help you stress relief in reviving your mental health.                            

  1. Meditation 
    Meditation is the easiest way to relieve stress. You only need to focus and to have a strong willingness to do it. Start by sitting down and searching for the comfiest position and start by practicing your breathing. Start by inhaling according to the rhythm and exhale slowly. Do this routine accordingly and you can regain your peace of mind when coping with stress. 
  2. Light exercise
    Do a light exercise at home, start by doing a light stretch to ease the muscle so it's relaxed. You don’t have to force yourself physically by going to the gym everyday, and start with a simple exercise like a relaxing walk or light run. 
  3. Start consuming healthy food 
    Not eating healthy food is not good for your physical condition, but it's good for your physical condition. 

Memory Foam Bed is Good for Healthy Lifestyle 

After you successfully apply your own stress management that is mentioned above and still feel anxious, try to figure out your personal health in depth.

Knowing that stress can cause you a very vital sleeping disorder. Other than causing you to feel anxious, press on some areas on your back and try to notice which part is causing you to feel uncomfortable. 

Losing sleeping time and missing out on important precious moments in your life due to having lack of sleep is one of the most crucial needs for any individual. Keeping up an ideal sleeping hour is extremely important for stress relief

But, it doesn’t mean that the problems cannot be solved. 

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