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Sleep Deprivation Reduces Sexual Performance

December 01, 2021

As an Adult, you need enough sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day. A minimum sleep of 7 hours a day along
with the comfort of the mattress offered by Mimpi can make you more refreshed the next day to
start your works and activities. But sometimes we can get too busy working until we realize that we
forget to stop and take a rest. This will make you have sleep deprivation issue.

Sleep deprivation does have an impact on our stamina. We tend to feel weak and tired the next day.
Based on the research of a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism published
in 2002, it said that a married couple who one or both experienced lack of sleep, also experienced a
decrease in libido or arousal in their sexual life.

With sleep deprivation, you will feel too tired to do some activities and this will have a direct impact
on the production of your testosterone. The decline in sexual arousal is caused by the low level of
testosterone in the body. If you have done a lot of heavy activities all day, when you fall asleep you
will most likely snore during sleep. Snoring during sleep is also a sign that testosterone levels in the
body are low. Therefore, to keep your sexual desire stable, you should always have enough time to
sleep at night.


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