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Free Trial Luxury Mattress

December 01, 2021

Mimpi, a premium quality brand new mattress brand in Indonesia gives a 100-night free trial, and a 10-year guarantee. Mimpi Mattress is produced in Indonesia with technology developed in Belgium, by the technology and lifestyle startup company who focuses on sleep quality. Made from premium quality materials, Mimpi Mattress is a combination of various layers of foam.

There is the Mimpi latex foam that gives a perfect bounce and keeps the body cool while sleeping. Underneath is memory foam that releases pressure and follows the body shape and supports body posture. Next layer is a high resilience foam which functions to stop body movement when sleeping. And the base layer is a firm-support foam that gives the ideal hardness to the mattress.

The four layers are arranged in such a way as to meet the needs for comfort and health to its user and are durable as well. Mimpi prefers foam rather than spring because spring mattress is easy to sag along with frequent usage which reduces comfort when sleeping.

Mimpi Mattress is also equipped with a Belgian-made cover, of thin but solid woven fabric. This sheath can be stretched and has a removable zipper that is easy to clean. Another uniqueness is the simple packaging and shipping processes. With vacuum-like compression technology, even the Super King size mattress can be folded easily and put into a specific sized box.


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