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Cell Phone VS Sleep

November 10, 2018

Using a cell phone just before bedtime has been prohibited. The reason being, there are a number of physical losses from these simple things.

The impact of the sophisticated of this little computer pocket-sized computer has certainly improved our lives, it may also affect our daily activities like it or not, and even forming habits at night as well. The desire to see message notifications, checking out a series of endless stories on Instagram surely takes up valuable time that should be used for rest.


The effect from ‘blue light’

We have also reported in a previous article that people who use cell phones right before bed experience fatigue the next day. This occurs due to the similarity of the ‘blue light’ from the screen with sunlight that confuses the body and causes a lack of quality rest in the REM phase.

Tuck, on the official website, explained that ‘blue light’ is the shortest wavelength that can penetrate human retinal photoreceptors intensely. So, when the human brain feels the blue light from a smartphone, it “sees” the light as sunlight, and then “thinks” it is daytime.


Fortunately mobile phones today are so sophisticated, some even equipped with the ‘blue light’ regulator feature. There’s also an app for it that can be downloaded and applied if the user’s mobile is not equipped with this feature. However, the most optimal way to maintain the best quality sleep is to stay away from cell phones and other gadgets from our reach.


Overcome gadget addiction

Although it is difficult to recognize our own dependency on mobile phones, a habit that can be monitored is the duration of cell phone usage every night. Here are some things you can do to improve this habit, as said in Very Well Health website.

  1. Get used to sleeping without a cell phone, and make habit of charging outside the room.
  2. If you need an alarm to wake up, put your phone on airplane mode so there’s no clattering of notifications that can distract you from sleeping.
  3. Turn off sleep tracker application because overanalyzing sleep habits can actually be problematic.
  4. Take time to prepare for sleep, approximately 1 hour before going to bed. This includes building a nice atmosphere that is supportive of resting, and not forgetting to minimize light.

Optimize sleeping environment by keeping your mattress especially for rest only and do what your body says.


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