Hindari Kasur Tanpa Motion Isolation

Avoid Mattresses without Motion Isolation

October 17, 2018
Have you ever woken up at night because the person next to you moved to change their sleeping position? Or have you ever woken the person next to you when you tried to change your sleeping position? Sometimes this is annoying, especially if you can’t sleep immediately after being awake in the middle of the night. If you have experienced those two things, you can be sure that the type of mattress you have is a mattress that does not have motion isolation, like a spring mattress in general. Motion Isolation in a mattress is the ability to absorb the movement of the user, so the movement will not spread to the other part of mattress and disturb the sleep comfort of others. Mattresses with motion isolation as a feature is offered by Mimpi. Mimpi does not use a spring at all as a material to make their best quality mattresses. For those who have a partner and do not sleep alone, a mattress with motion isolation is the right mattress to have in order for you and your partner sleep more comfortably and avoid all the movements disturbance to wake up at night when changing sleeping position.


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