Inilah Dampak Kurang Tidur Pada Tubuh Anda

This is Your Body on No Sleep

September 16, 2020

A missed night’s sleep is common for people nowadays, especially for the younger generations. Sometimes, you’re having fun like partying all night long, other times it’s because of unavoidable circumstances like take care of a newborn.

However, the result of a sleepless night is the same: your body has lost one of its essential components for good health and energy. Some occasional missed night of sleep may accumulate as a sleep debt – which can affect your body entirely!

Discover some ways of sleepless nights affect your body below:

Lousy appearance

Dark circle, eye bags, dull complexion, more wrinkles, and fine lines – people are spending millions to get rid of them. While one of the great ways to prevent them, which is sleep, is free!

Your skin is the window to what’s going on in your body internally, so if you’re not sleeping and your system isn’t functioning properly, you’re going to notice the aftermath on your face.

Weaker immune system

The immune system impairment makes you prone to more frequent cold and flu. No one likes a drippy or stuffy nose, right? Other than the cold, studies show that people who lack sleep are more likely to get sick if exposed to other harmful viruses. It will also take longer to recover!

During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines. You need more cytokines when you have an infection or inflammation, or when you’re under stress.

Suffering mind

The longer you go without sleep, the more your brain is affected. People who are sleep deprived are frequently dizzier and clumsier than normal healthy people. This can leads to an increase in falls and accidents which is dangerous especially for elders and people who drive.

Your judgment and memory will be affected too – and not in a good way obviously. New evidence suggests that continuous lack of sleep may be linked to an increased risk of depression.

Increased risk of diseases

The longer your body goes without sleep, the more off-balance the chemicals in your body are. Lack of sleep can increase your risk of obesity which leads to chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Mimpi can help you!

The best way to prevent sleep deprivation is to make sure you get adequate sleep. Mimpi believes that a good mattress and pillows are one of the keys to getting a great night’s sleep! Check out our Mimpi mattresses which are a perfect choice for their ability to snugly hold the contours of your body all night long.

If you continue to have problems sleeping at night and are fighting daytime fatigue, talk to your doctor. Have a good night’s sleep, Mimpi’s friend!



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