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Vacation at Home, Be It!

December 07, 2017
The holiday season are just over. There are people who still seek tiny opportunities to go for a short vacation just to experience the summer breeze again. Others are still working, sometimes bring their work home, and then there goes the sleep deprivation. Even though not all people are in the same situation, who doesn’t want to make their home as a vacation goal?

With all the comfort offered by Mimpi, it could make you feel like you’re in a vacation, even though you’re just sitting on your bed and feeling the breeze through the window. These are how Mimpi makes you feel like in a holiday vibe:

  • Throwing-yourself-on-a-cloud kind of sensation, It’s not only in a dreamland, you can make it real. Mimpi has the latex surface imported from Belgium that contours your body shape. You’ll feel the soft sensation, yet still prevents you from sinking.
  • You don’t have to worry it’d over.. The ultimate comfort that will bring you a good quality of sleeping, makes everyone wants to jump on Mimpi immediately. The premium materials make it last for years, even you have a 10-year warranty. There’s no need to worry that your vacation would be taken.
  • The cool tropical breeze.. The tropical temperature is heaven for those who like to enjoy the sparkling ocean when they sit on the beach and feel the breeze wafts their hairs. You can enjoy the breeze sensation while chatting with your friends, or reading a book, while sitting on the heavenly comfort Mimpi mattress. It has an air cool technology with a good air circulation that will keep it cool even though in a warm temperature.
  • Heavy head stuffed with work problems, Mimpi will be on top of your mind when you’re heading home. Not a few people whine about “I’m so sleepy, I want to go home soon and sleep”. With Mimpi at your home, there’s a relieving feeling when you’ve just arrived and throw yourself into it immediately. You’ll feel refreshed when you wake up the next day.
  • Pajamas party with friends would be a great idea to hype up the home vacation. It’s cheap and easy. Just order some food, watch a movie, and chatter about nostalgic college life or even just a love matter chit chat, while also fight on who’s sitting on bed or chair. Any part of Mimpi’s surface, gives you the same comfort, even though on its corner.


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