Kacang Almond Membuat Mimpi Jadi Lebih Indah

Almonds Make Dreams Become More Beautiful at Night

October 24, 2019

Lately, a lot of horror films have been played on television to welcome Halloween. Often watching
horror films can make a person mood becomes more depressed because of fear. Mimpi can provide
solutions to this. If you are someone who can be affected by your mood after watching a horror
movie, you can try to consume almonds.

The magnesium content in Almonds can help people who have a problem and suffer from insomnia.
Even in some cases, regular consumption of almonds can cure insomnia slowly. In addition to the
magnesium content in it, almonds also contain tryptophan which can stimulate serotonin hormone
production. This serotonin hormone can make dreams more beautiful when you fall asleep at night.

If you are interested in trying these tips, you should consume almonds without a mixture of
chocolate or other sweet ingredients so that more magnesium and tryptophan are absorbed by the
body rather than the sugar content.


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