Kamar Bebas Alergi

Allergy-proofing Your Bedroom

May 06, 2019

According to the Rabbit Air site, allergies are an abnormal response to the immune system. Harmless substances that should not cause problems to the body, react negatively with the immune system which causes unwanted symptoms (itching in the eyes and throat, sneezing, fatigue). These allergens occur through inhalation, swallowing, or physical contact.

Allergens found in the home can certainly be triggers for allergies or even diseases. The following are some things that you must monitor carefully so as not to cause allergies in the bedroom.


Pillows bolster, and blankets are the main attributes for sleep. Therefore it is important to diligently wash the sheets, pillowcases, bolsters, and covers at least once a week.

Floor and furniture

Besides keeping your bedroom floor clean diligently, piles of messy items must also be cleaned. And it’s better not to have too many furnitures in the bedroom because it adds room for dust. When cleaning, use a microfiber cloth in addition to your duster.

To avoid the floor becoming a place for allergens, don’t install carpets in the bedroom and use wood or linoleum instead, as they are a much safer choice.


The cleanliness of the window area is just as important as the essential furniture of the bedroom, so buy curtains that are easy to care for. According to the Tuck website, cotton fabric curtains and synthetic fabrics are a healthy choice. Do not open the window too often because it can invite dust in and accumulate in the room.

Air purifier

This tool removes contaminants from the air and is known to be beneficial for allergy sufferers and people with asthma, and can reduce or eliminate tobacco smoke. If you plan to have an air purifier, it is important to understand the differences in brands on the market because of the different technology used by different brands.


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