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Reasons why you’ll love a mattress in a box

June 04, 2020

If you’re thinking of buying a mattress in a box, you probably have seen several options out there. From the materials used, different warranties, to shipping options, we understand if you feel overwhelmed.

Don’t worry – Mimpi is here to explain what makes our mattress in a box is different from other brands!

Read on to find out the benefits of choosing a mattress in a box and what you can expect when you are unboxing.

What is a mattress in a box?

The mattress in a box is a mattress that is compressed in a closed airbag and folded tightly so that it could fit into a small box.

This makes it easier to move and transport compared to traditional mattresses.

This kind of purchase also makes it easier for you to choose a mattress ONLINE and also makes it easy to deliver it to your home.

When you receive a mattress in a box, all you have to do is take it out of the package, lay it on a flat surface, and let it expand.

This whole process allows us to cut the cost of shipping traditional mattresses that require a higher cost, and pass the savings on to you.

Benefits of buying a mattress in a box

The cost savings aren’t the only benefit of buying this way. There are three more reasons why this new type of mattress is superior:

  1. Comfort

The ability to order online allows you to compare prices and features without leaving your home.

After you choose the mattress of your choice, you only need to wait for the mattress to arrive.

And because the mattress arrives in a compact box, you can easily take it and move it wherever you want.

  1. Buy directly from the brand

The ability to buy mattresses directly from the factory, not from a traditional mattress store, gives you benefits such as extended warranties and free trial periods.

Our customer service team is also available 24/7 to help you if you have questions/problems.

  1. Easy returns

If you decide that you don’t like your Mimpi’s mattress in a 100-night free trial, you can return it for free!

Just contact us and we will help you to replace your mattress.

Why Mimpi?

Mimpi’s mattress is the best choice because we are pioneers of boxed mattresses in Indonesia. We have for years perfected our technology to offer the most comfortable mattresses on the market.

Our mattress has many advantages over everything, one of which is the material used. We use premium materials from Belgium and some regions of Europe for our products.


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