Kasur Double vs Queen – Mana yang Lebih Cocok untuk Anda?

Double vs Queen Sized Mattress – Which One is The Best for You?

December 30, 2020

A queen mattress is the most popular size for couples while sometimes a double mattress is more suitable for some people. You want to ensure that you have enough space to sleep comfortably, without paying extra for a bed that’s larger than you truly need or even smaller.

Read on to know which one is the best for you!

Which size is the best for your household?

Before deciding between double vs queen, you may consider these factors:

Pasangan tidur

Sleep partner(s)

Who you share your bed with – or who you may be sharing a bed within the foreseeable future. If it’s only for you, then either size will work! If you share a bed with your couple or a child, the queen is a better option since it is more spacious than a full one. However, if you like to cuddle, a full could work for you.

Harga kasur


A full-size mattress is always going to be the more affordable solution since the size is smaller than a queen one. The same way goes for beddings – fitted sheets, duvet, and comforter for a queen-size mattress is more expensive than beddings for a full-size mattress. Also, a queen mattress is definitely heavier than a full one.

Ukuran Kamar Tidur

Bedroom size

Last but not least, your bedroom size should be an essential thing to consider when deciding between these two mattresses. Even if your budget allows for the largest mattress, the bed needs to fit within your space! A double mattress is suitable for 3x3m or more, and best for smaller rooms and guest rooms. While a queen size mattress 3x4m or more, and best for master bedroom.

Mimpi Memiliki Enam Ukuran Kasur yang Dapat Anda Pilih!

Mimpi has six sizes of mattresses that you can choose from!

Do you have a specific size that is not one of the standard sizes of a Mimpi mattress? Just contact our customer service center! We will take your sizes and make a Mimpi mattress according to your needs. For this, we do not offer our 100-night free trial because we can’t be responsible for inaccurate sizes.


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