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Mattress Quality Equals Health Quality

April 28, 2018

Did you know a mattress that’s good for the body is a mattress that has a low level of tenderness? This is because the mattress is rather hard to form and improve the shape of the spine. This is what helped Mimpi, a new startup company creating foam mattresses that prioritize comfort and the health of the spine.

Frank De Witte Founder, and CEO, prefers the use of foam instead of spring because it’s more durable in maintaining comfort when sleeping. “When using springs or per, there will come a time they get loose and therefore cause the mattress to stop giving proper support to the spine,” De Witte explained on the Mimpi mattress launch at Sea Grain Restaurant.

There are four layers of foam that build the Mimpi mattress. The Mimpi latex foam, memory foam, high-resilience foam, and firm-support base. This layer gives the mattress the ideal level of hardness to it. In addition, they also use foam which according to him is antibacterial so it is healthier during the usage. This product has an innovative uses compression technology that compresses the mattress down its usual size by half. It allows the mattress to fold and fit into a specific-sized box make delivery an easy process. The mattress will expand by itself once the plastic wrap is opened.

Mimpi mattress will be marketed online through its official website at www.mimpi.co.id. Marketing its products online is a decision based on the survey findings about the Indonesian lifestyle conducted by De Witte. He found that Indonesians prefer to buy their goods online because of the simplicity. Through Mimpi’s website, consumers can choose the size of the mattress that they think is suitable, and will get a 10-year warranty and 100 nights of probation.

If within 100 days there is a damage from the purchased mattress, the company will exchange it for a new one or if the consumer prefers to have their money back, the company will, of course oblige to the request. Currently, the available products are mattresses, but in the future, Mimpi plans to make pillows or blankets.

Choosing the right mattress is expected to restore the shape of the spine due to bending after a long period of work. Therefore, choose a mattress that has a soft surface with fine holes so it stays cool during usage.


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