Kasur murah vs Kasur mahal

Cheap vs Expensive Mattress: Which one is better?

June 12, 2020

This is one of the first questions that comes to mind when choosing a mattress.

There are so many mattress brands and models that can cost anything from 500.000 IDR to more than 100 JUTA so it is very difficult to price compare.

Will an expensive mattress will give you a better night’s sleep?

The answer to this is – It depends

Generally, a more expensive mattress will be built with more expensive materials and there will be extra R&D calculated for technological innovations.

However, is a 100 JUTA mattress 10 times better than a 10 JUTA mattress?

The answer is no. There will definitely be marginal differences between the two, but it will not be to the extent of a ten-fold improvement — maybe 10 to 20% difference at most.

Everything boils down to the used materials like premium natural latex, memory foam, and the density and quality of these materials.

Manufacturers and profits

At the extreme low end of the price spectrum, manufacturers have to scrimp and save on premium materials to make some profit. Quality suffers as a result.

When you get a mid-end mattress, producers can afford to make better mattresses without cutting the profit margin. In terms of value-for-money, mid-range mattresses will give you the best sleep for your money.

This is where Mimpi comes into play.

Is Mimpi’s mattress worth the price?

Mimpi spent years developing the perfect mattress for people in Indonesia by listening to their needs. Once Mimpi knew what the people need, they decided to produce a mattress with premium sleep materials from Europe and sell it online in Indonesia.

The top layer is always a premium 7 zone layers made from natural latex. Underneath this layer Mimpi Original and Mimpi Luxury have a premium layer of Memory Foam with the best density in the market.

The support foam of all models is also made from high-density foam. High density stands for better quality and more expensive materials.

Mimpi did not save on costs and uses premium quality materials!

The price of a MIMPI mattress is very affordable for a mattress which is actually the same quality of a mattress in the high-end luxury class that you can find for 30 JUTA and more in the traditional shops. Mimpi’s mattress would be sold in a traditional shop under another brand for a minimum of 3 times more than the actual price!

Mimpi does not have traditional shops so they do not need to pay rent and can save on these costs to give you a better price.

Mimpi replaces the traditional shop experience with a 100 nights free trial offer which is a much better option!

You can buy a high-end luxury product online without any worries at an affordable price with Mimpi!


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