Kasur Pegas vs Kasur Latex

Spring Mattress vs Latex Mattress

May 25, 2020

Spring mattress or commonly known as spring bed, is one of the most popular types of mattresses in Indonesia. Availability and also affordable prices are some of the reasons why many people use spring mattresses.

But behind all of that, there are risks that threaten users while sleeping, especially if they use the spring bed for a long time.

On the other hand, a latex mattress is the best choice for sleeping. There are so many benefits and advantages of a latex mattress compared to a spring mattress!

Reasons to not use a spring mattress

  1. Not durable

The spring mattress will undergo a process of weakening of the metal caused by wear and pressure, resulting in a reduction in strength and bending of the screw.

Threaded springs used by spring beds can sag in just a year, even in a few months for some mattresses! Which makes the mattress will lose its shape and structure.

  1. Not recommended for your short and long term health

A spring mattress is also weak back support. This can cause spinal problems and posture issues which will have a bad effect on the health of the user in the future.

If you use a spring mattress, you may experience a painful and uncomfortable sleep. The reason is threaded springs do not distribute weight evenly, especially if the springs used is not solid.

  1. A spring mattress can be unhygienic

The empty space between the threads can become a breeding ground for mite and other bacteria. Which certainly will disrupt the user’s comfort while sleeping.

Threaded springs are also prone to rust because of the material used. Rust will cause more damage to the spring and also store dirt in it.

Meanwhile, Mimpi mattresses are:

  1. Good for health

Latex mattresses are suitable to be used as an orthopedic mattress because they help shape your posture and relieve back pain. This mattress is highly recommended for users who have back, neck, shoulder, hip, and joint problems.

  1. They feel cooler

It’s not a surprise anymore that latex mattresses have a good construction. This type of mattress has an open-cell type to facilitate air changes and circulation. That’s why, latex mattresses are suitable for tropical countries like Indonesia because the mattress won’t become hot, unlike a spring mattress.

  1. Anti-mold and mite

Did you know that latex material is very resistant to mites and mold? This process is natural and does not require additional chemicals.

Moreover, Mimpi’s mattress has been certified by Sanitized®, a global health producer that produces antimicrobial and protective materials for textiles and polymers to add extra protection for our customers.

  1. Very durable

In contrast to spring beds, latex mattresses have a higher level of durability. This type of mattress is not affected by movement, so it’s suitable for couples, people who sleep with their children, and also people who are easily awakened (light sleepers).


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