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“Mimpi”: Affordable Premium Quality Mattress

May 06, 2018


Housing-Estate.com, Jakarta – Mimpi, a start-up company in technology and lifestyle that focuses on improving sleep quality, launched its premium quality foam mattress, Mimpi Mattress, on Thursday (8/2/18) in Jakarta. The technology used in the mattress was developed in Belgium and produced in Indonesia. This product is specifically for the market in Indonesia.

Frank De Witte Founder and CEO of the company Mimpi, a Belgian who resides in Bali claims that Mimpi mattress is a luxury mattress that is marketed at the affordable price. This product is always guaranteed to meet the needs of consumers for health and maximize their durability and comfort.

Compared to other premium mattresses that mostly use coil technology, De Witte said, “There is the perfect combination of several layers of material used in Mimpi Mattress.”

As for the layers, first is the Mimpi latex foam that gives perfect elasticity and keeps the body cool at night. Underneath there is a pressure-relief foam and memory foam that can follow the body’s shape and support perfect posture. The third layer is the high-resilience foam that stops the movement of motion when sleeping. And the basic layer is the firm-support foam which gives the ideal hardness to the mattress.

The cover of the mattress is made of thin, solid woven fabric, imported directly from Belgium. In addition, this wrapper is stretchable and also equipped with a removable zipper so it’s easy to clean.

There are several sizes to choose from, ranging from single sizes (100×200 cm2) to king (180×200 cm2) with a thickness of 12.5-25 cm. Prices are adjusted to the selected size, starting at Rp4 million, free shipping.

Now, speaking of shipping, Mimpi made this process the simplest of all.  Mimpi Mattress has a vacuum-like compression system that can deflate the mattress and make it easy to fold. King size mattress can be twice as small and then put in a specific sized box and ready to deliver to your doorstep.

“Today’s busy lifestyle triggers demand for efficiency and effectiveness on every level. Therefore we offer online purchases through our official website at www.mimpi.co.id,” De Witte explained.

Selling online is an idea developed by De Witte because of the conventional mattress industry that provides unclear information, high prices, and a difficult purchasing process. The last policy provided by the company to its customers is a 10-year warranty and a 100 nights free trial. If in a period of 100 nights consumers don’t feel a match with the Mimpi Mattress, the consumer may return the product to the company.

In pursuing business in this industry, Mimpi is committed to donating all mattresses returned by customers to orphanages and non-profit organizations in Indonesia.


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